1. A name for a loved one. Meaning you're cute. Smooks Smookie Shmooker-poo
Kevin LaClaire is my smookie.
by Corryn February 08, 2004
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smoking out of your ass, generally marijuana but cigarettes and cigars also can be smooked
you guys been smooking a lot this summer going to turn your asshole all black and tar filled
by Thor gets it on the floor July 22, 2006
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When a Gook smokes constantly he is a Smook.
Smoke + Gook = Smook
My clothes stink because I was standing next to a smook at the bus stop.
by Marco P October 24, 2009
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1. a person deserving of suspicion, or undeserving of trust, who arouses feelings of discomfort. e.g. a spy, tattletale, narc or informant.

2.a person who is overly loyal to the ideas of law, order, and "normalcy", so much that he may become a nuisance or even a threat.

3. an obvious pervert.
1. i think there was a smook in the crowd at the politcal rally last weekend.

2. that creepy guy in the suit at my party turned out to be a total smook, he called the cops because your brothers young friends were drinking!

3. who is that man looking at us from those bushes? we should leave, he looks like a smook.
by plaquemouth October 13, 2006
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