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a word that is said to reduce the awkwardness of an awkward silence.
Clara- OMG I hate that kid Robby...
Robby- Hey, I'm right here!
Clara- Smoogle.
by smoooogleR November 26, 2010
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Crossbreed of a smooch and a snuggle.

Literally means when you kiss and hug at the same time.
"Sara smoogled her boyfriend affectionately as they cuddled on the couch."
by GlassThorne July 17, 2005
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a person, usually female, who will come over and use people for marijuana. similar to a beer slut, but for weed.
"Why'd you invite Kim? That smoogle only hangs out when she thinks there's a blunt."
by Milo Mercer May 15, 2009
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A term used by generally insane speakers who perceive themselves to be the smartest person in the room at all times but who either 1) can't think of the appropriate word to use, 2) choose to re-define a commonly understood word to mean something totally different, or 3) need to assert a point of argument that can only be made by changing actual facts into fictional hallucinations to "support" said argument.
"Nononono . . . you don't understand. It's not an 'application'. Call it a smoogle instead."

"Nononono . . . remember that we're not dealing with applications. They're smoogles."
by Norm D. Guerre September 13, 2007
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Similar to a snuggle, but wetter. Usually done with speed.
I smoogled Joan.
by Not Coming March 24, 2004
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