An intense desire and sexual magnetism between partners which is so overpowering, it may appear they are mutually attacking each other sexually. Note that 'Attaction' can be experienced over a period of time, or as a discrete episode, but it is an intense, all consuming and always pleasurable experience.
Their attaction was so all-consuming, often passers by would stop and take photos. They'd whisper, whatever that is, i want it too.
by PumpkinPumpkin February 6, 2018
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To lure a target into a certain vicinity and then attack it.
We coated our cat in birdseed so that she could attact the pigeons.
by fjhqjv June 17, 2008
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The word you use when you misspell attractive
If I had a dollar every time a women found me unattractive, they would now find me attactive
by Lotzi11 January 10, 2015
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Political campaigning stratagies designed to disorientate opponents through means of unconventional or unsuspected angles of attack.
The Swift Boat Veterans For Truth's attactics went after the Kerry campaign where they were assumed to be strongest.
by Colin Kerr November 30, 2004
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