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smart-ass (but the Aussie way to spell it. smart-arse)

someone who mouths of to provoke or be funny to people/persons.

usualy ends with the smartarse getting a severe beating :P
guy 1: what you lookin at fool?
guy 2: i dunno, i have to get my animal book to find out.
both guy 1 & 2 are being a smartarse.
by honest johnn April 07, 2007
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The British or Commonwealth English counterpart of the American English "smart ass" (probably the form in which it was invented, before being borrowed back into British English).

Calling someone a smart arse is intended to pull them down a peg or two for adopting a position of superiority, especially intellectual:
(1) through sarcasm,
(2) by using obscure knowledge to score points off other people, or
(3) just being too f**king smug when they're right about something.
"Oh, Alice, you're such a smart ass."
"Actually, Bob, I would prefer to be insulted using the correct, British English pronunciation: 'smart arse'."
"But, Alice, I think you'll find 'arse' has been pronounced 'ass' since at least Shakespeare's time, and therefore far pre-dates the division of English into British and American variants."
by Osric_of_O February 07, 2010
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A persons ability to get everything correct, often without even having to think about it.
e.g. Miss Ross (a.k.a. the Power)
An urban legend who uses her Smart Arse power to infuriate those around her!
by The Gamester Ad Helpline February 06, 2006
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Look up customers. Fucks who have nothing important, contructive or intellegent to say and think that they are smarter than you. Did I mention they are rude?
I hate customers. They are smartarses. They think they know everything. They think they are clever. KILL THEM!
by Trittrott November 06, 2010
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A TV show where posh english people do jackass style stunts
did you know some posh english kids are gonna make a TV show called Smart Arse?
by piaggio January 04, 2005
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