smart-ass (but the Aussie way to spell it. smart-arse)

someone who mouths of to provoke or be funny to people/persons.

usualy ends with the smartarse getting a severe beating :P
guy 1: what you lookin at fool?
guy 2: i dunno, i have to get my animal book to find out.
both guy 1 & 2 are being a smartarse.
by honest johnn April 7, 2007
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Look up customers. Fucks who have nothing important, contructive or intellegent to say and think that they are smarter than you. Did I mention they are rude?
I hate customers. They are smartarses. They think they know everything. They think they are clever. KILL THEM!
by Trittrott November 6, 2010
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Sorr-en-ti Smart-arse

1. To act like one Stacey Sorrenti.
2. To use language in order to seem humorous towards males.

Pioneered by Australian Stacey Sorrenti in 2004, and still in use today in regions of Sydney's Greater West.

Words or phrases used by younger female friends towards older males in regards to every day events, scenarios or situations that have a sarcastic vibe/tone are included under Sorrenti Smartarseness.

bef. 1050; (v.) ME smerten, OE -smeortan (only in the compound fyrsmeortende painful like fire), c. OHG smerzanayz (G schmerzenarse); (adj.) ME smerte, smart quick, prompt, sharp, arse, buttocks, behind, butt orig., biting, smarting, late OE smearte, akin to the v.; (adv. and n.) ME smerte, deriv. of the adj.
"But then again, unless it has sex, drugs, or cuban porn, it probably wouldn't blip up on your radar." - Sorrenti Smartarse.
by John Macquarie-Oxford August 28, 2009
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a smartarse is a person who is smart but can be a bit of an arse
molly "albe is a bit of a smartarse"
albe "thank you"
by itisalbe July 11, 2022
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