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A settle way to tell someone to chill out or to stop lying.
Dude, bef.

She just needs to bef.
by danielbaloney6 October 19, 2017
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Similar to Best Friends Forever (BFF), Best Enemies Forever (BEF) means two people who love to hate each other and rip on each other every chance they get. They are sworn enemies who form a bond of hatred so strong that it's more like a perverse kind of friendship.
Bill: "Goddammit, I hate that asshole Craig! Who does he think he's trying to impress??"
Dan: "Dude, will you stop talking about Craig? When did you two become BEF?"
by Ben Frey November 29, 2006
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The and Only Great Entity known as Bef. He is a true beauty. An absolute unit of a feller. Just and ABSOLUTE UNIT.
"Da name be da Bef"
"Bef speaks to me!"
by Tangodown October 09, 2018
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To block someone from all forms of contacting you (ie deleting off facebook, myspace, blocking on msn) for absolutely no reason at all.
1. I'm gonna pull a bef on that guy I met last weekend
2. She totally beffed me
by sarbear & cheezel April 19, 2009
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A word used to describe someone who looks slightly like justin bieber but also like zac efron. hence, bef (bieber efron combo)
Usually in a way that takes their good characteristics to make a seemingly perfect (bef) guy.
Wow look at him, he's so bef
by prettylittleliar May 20, 2010
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