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The incompetent douche bag you are hired to slave for. This “unit” (meaning durh brain) is the most incompetent employee on the premises. Being unable to get things organised properly, spell, use a cash register, they leave the heavy work to female employees resulting in them scoring upper back strain and putting them into an emotional state of spite and distain. They enjoy blaming others for THEIR mistakes. They are the least popular person in the workplace because of their arsehole behaviour.
Employer to female employee: "Would you be able to move that lounge."

Female Employee thinks: OMG!!!!!

Employer: "Would you be able to put the umbrella up?" (Cafe style umbrella- weights a fuckin' tonne)

If you want it done, do it your fuckin' self!
by Trittrott December 7, 2010
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What you call your iPod when you have the shits with it and other Apple software and accessories due to bad usability and little or no simple navigation around things.
"I can't recover my password for iTunes, you have to bash the iPod Touch to get it to scroll sometimes. It's not syncing properly. I can't navigate my way around iTunes and find what I want."

Stupid iPoo

Fuck you Steve Jobs!
by Trittrott December 26, 2011
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The arrognat arseholes who whinge about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING they can find. They are rude to people who least deserve it and not the ones who do. They think they can do whatever they like and piss off younger generations around them by being complete know-it-all douche bags and telling them what to do.
Pack of some old fuck 50 something White Middle Aged Australians: "It's too cold", "It's too hot," "The sun is too bright", "it's too dark," "this meal is shit," "do this", "do that."

Me: "Blow my pussy"

Something always has to be wrong
by Trittrott November 6, 2010
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Look up customers. Fucks who have nothing important, contructive or intellegent to say and think that they are smarter than you. Did I mention they are rude?
I hate customers. They are smartarses. They think they know everything. They think they are clever. KILL THEM!
by Trittrott November 6, 2010
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