A misspelling of "omg" that was backronymed to mean "Oh, hi God", as if a child discovered stealing a cookie. Usually said when one is in the process of doing something the lord would look down upon, such as watching certain late night films.
Person 1: Hey, Hot Tub Fun Times is on. I know its your favorite.
Person 2: OHG
by GrillyG November 7, 2009
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Oh Hai Guize, "Oh hey guys," misspelled. Used as a way to greet friends online.
On group AIM chat:
Person 1: OHG!
Others: Hey, Hai!, Hi, etc.
by Sanjaythebamf January 20, 2010
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OHG is an severe case of high class society. Consists of dickheads between 16 and 19 years old.
OHG person: *tosses coin on a slightly poorer person*
normal person: What the fuck man
OHG person: Talk to my hand
by Thomdinho April 3, 2018
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Oh, God.
Used when you realise a mistake you made or for if someone does something stupid.

Sometimes comes from typing an extra G after "OH"
Friend 1: "Do you think we should burn boneless children?"
Friend 2: "Why not eat it? What's wrong with it!?"
Friend 1: "I would rather not eat it..."
Friend 2: "OHG I just realised it says children and not chicken :0 I thought you meant like chicken breast"
Friend 1: "pahaha :D"
by GoodClover January 21, 2021
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derived from OG Original Gangster. Now it applys to women. Original HOT GIRL
by Jon M. S. September 21, 2004
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