a g (gangsta).the daddy or don of everything.men bow down to any smally and say he is a king.women get on yr knees and suck his dick.
by Anonymous May 6, 2003
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a smally is no fool, he/she knows the score and always will
damn that hott piece of ass is no smally
by nixon July 29, 2004
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A Trinidian Slang Term Used To Describe An Attractive Individual.
Wayzz Watch Tha Smallie
by Yayaslayz September 1, 2017
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Trinidadian slang for woman with petite stature. Not limited to but usually indian in nature.
by jkgdtt527 December 8, 2010
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Derogatory term for resident of a small island typically in the West Indies.
"Eh My youth a where you come from?"

"St. Lucia."

"Ah you a smallie!"
by UnKool Kev November 4, 2019
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A man who has a very small dick size, typically one who is proud of it and talks about it a lot.
Man "Hey mate, I have a small dick"
Man 2 "Uuuh... Okay. You didn't have to mention it"
Man "Yeah, just wanted to let you know I have a small dick and I'm proud of it"
Man 2 "You're a fucking smally aren't you?"
by Brenzek August 15, 2016
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