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A Lucia is someone who always cares about you, no matter what. She has a stunning appearance as well as a stunning personality. She is an amazing person to be around.
"That girl is such a Lucia!"
by DontTrustMeWithKnives January 23, 2015
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A perfect girl, lovely, beutiful, and jaw dropping. This girl is the ultimate guys dream. This girl is the best thing that you will ever see. She has a nice ass, tan, and sweet.
Guy1: Damn! who is that?
Guy2: I dont know but that must be a Lucia
(Guy1 and Guy2 follow her around town all day)
by craycray123456789 February 08, 2013
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An amazing wonderful woman who is super funny, brunet, beautiful, nice, loving, always trying to fix other peoples problems,and has a crush on a great guy named Jared..... Lucias and Jareds go together. Whenever people talk about a Lucia, they are stating that the woman is jaw-dropping gorgeous.
"Hey look at her,"
"Damn that must be a Lucia."
by h0wb0utthat? May 01, 2012
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lucia is the best girl and the best girlfriend. She is funny, interesting, smart, fun to be with. She has a strong sexual side but it is very funny.....and makes me laugh. I want to spend the rest of my life with her and i cant live without her. I.1.2.1/2.6
by Iloveluciawithmylife December 13, 2010
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someone who is super hot and all tha boizzz go DAYUMMM when they walk by. they are super awesome and everyone likes her.they are athletic and pretty and have a great bod. oh and they are super cool.
that chick is so lucia!
by blahblahblahimsacool May 25, 2011
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Wow, where do you even start to describe such a stunning girl like Lucia. First off, you can start with her looking like a supermodel in anything she wears. there's never a time where I've been physically pained to see her . She makes me the happiest I've been in a long time and her beautiful personality is so infectious that she could probably make hitler and bin laden smile. It is a blessing to be with her and and no moment with her should ever be a moment wasted. also don't be surprised if you have to end a couple of kids lives to get to her, cause shes gotta a reason to be pursued. Lastly, you can always count on her to be your #1 no matter what in all aspects of life.
Damn, who's that dime and a half walking down the street

Oh that's Lucia, who else would it be
by Crucia January 22, 2017
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Nice and caring. Good looks. (Very good, in fact) Plays guitar. Funny. Generally cool person. Friends with everyone. Weird in a good way.
by Maks Ulrich23 August 08, 2011
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