A small dick is a dick under 3 or 4 inches. Some ladies say they dont mind but it seems they do cause when i showed it to them they laughed so dont trust women when they say they dont want a guy with a big dick. A small dick is one that looks like a stump.
Don't laugh at me just cus i gots a small dick.
by .Sonny Vitale. January 14, 2008
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It is when your penis is inserted into a womans vagina and she can't feel any thing.Or when your dick keeps falling out of the womans vagina.
Amanda - Is it in yet
Chris - yeah im about to bust
Amanda - Are you serious i havent felt anything yet you have a small dick
Chris - Well im done, ive had my fun
Amanda - Well i dident i need a bigger man like richie, he never falls out
by Zach aka princess June 13, 2006
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A penis that is small when compared to other guys. It resembles a little boy's penis especially if it has tiny balls to match.

A lot of girls like a small penis because it is fun for them to play with and will still pleasure them without hurting them.
I have a small penis and my girlfriend loves to play with it. She calls it her toy and loves when it is inside her.

Guy in locker room: "Dude, I never saw your dick before! My six year old brother has more meat than that!"

Me: "Dude, my girlfriend loves sucking it since it is small and cute. She also thinks my balls are fun to play with. I am so lucky to have a small dick that girls love!"
by Small Junk May 4, 2008
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Mike Rowe from Canada has a small dick, I should know
Hey, aren't you the guy who got sued by Microsoft? You have a small dick!
by Bush December 29, 2005
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A person who has a veryyyy small PENIS.
Erik Erdmire has a small dick. I banged that mother fucker last night... i thought it was his finger. Thats awkward.
by Migle G. (; June 1, 2011
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