A word used to describe someone who is a very little. You can pick them out of a crowd and you just know how little they are just by looking at them. Most common known as a Ray.
by LittleBitOfThis October 31, 2018
The codename of the world's first atomic bomb which was dropped on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945.
It's ironic how they took something so terrifying as an atomic bomb and named it "Little Boy".
by Ian22 December 5, 2006
Bitter fat-girl slang for a woman with a thin figure.
You see, many males are closeted homosexuals. When they find themselves attracted to stick thin girls with a little boy figure it is because they subconsciously want to have sex with a man.
by Gmoney66 May 10, 2008
LIttle Boi dances through Mexico
Did you see that little boi fly by?
by Nope.iva April 25, 2017
a little boy is a role one plays in a ddlb relationship, (daddy Dom little boy) where the little boy usually acts as a toddler or around that age group even though they themselves are possably 20 years old. (just as an example)

they can be called a prince or, more commonly known, baby boy.

may be related to the mommy dom and daddy dom kink.
Daddy- "Who's my little boy?"
little- "Me! I'm daddy's little boy!"
by DonaldTrumpsasshole April 30, 2018