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The sexiest of women because there short little sluts are awesome they can fit anywhere and do almost anything for some good sex
(friend walks in on other friend)

You little slut
by Bod23 April 01, 2019

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To be able to do anything normal people can't do
That was the most amazing thing I've ever saw
by Bod23 May 11, 2019

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To take a person/person's down or off and use them for their own benifit
Dude that guy is trying to suck you off haha
by Bod23 April 29, 2019

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Some people call him Dom he's short but he's smaxy with a big ass dick irresistible to females even lesbians he loves giving foot rubs only for the ladies and receiving footjobs best sex ever he likes using friuts and cakes whip cream and candy to put in ladies cleaned out buttholes to eat loves to party go fishing swimming camping drinking and clubbing he is super funny and is about respect and loyalty and having fun he's a lover not a fighter but he knows how to fight so don't fuck with this guy he's lit hes never been in a relationship so he's really not afraid to be alone I guess he's still waiting to run into that someone that's gonna change him around
I gonna go chill with Dom today wanna come with we are probably gonna go camping with some ladies bruh

Hell yeah I'm down Dominic's cool
by Bod23 April 22, 2019

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A guy who really knows how to fuck a butthole he usually fucks a bitch
Lady: Gawwd your a real ass bitch dude


Lady:oh my god Thank you so much though

Guy: fuck yeah anytime
by Bod23 April 03, 2019

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Dominic can turn you into a secret Dirty little slut women dome his large cock just for fun when ever
Dominic is a freak
by Bod23 May 26, 2019

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After spreading out the womens clean butthole you pour milk in her and then add cereal
My girl likes me to drink her butthole milk
by Bod23 April 01, 2019

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