18 definitions by Bod23

Issac has a hard time controlling his homosexual secret that he likes getting Knight stick and fucked in the throat by big long cocks he's a idiot who sticks his finger in his ass and sucks on the same finger
...woah that guys wierd

That's Issac he's an idiot....probably alittle homo
by Bod23 April 3, 2019
A sexually attractive male while haveing sex. before bursting ejaculation in the female he pulls out his cock slinging it out of her shooting cum everywhere and on her basically a guy who knows how to pull out of a vagina while having sex raw
Oh my god girl I want his baby

Good luck I heard he's a real gunslinger
by Bod23 March 29, 2019
A guy who really knows how to fuck a butthole he usually fucks a bitch
Lady: Gawwd your a real ass bitch dude


Lady:oh my god Thank you so much though

Guy: fuck yeah anytime
by Bod23 April 4, 2019
A large penis that Dominic is attached with dangling between his legs
by Bod23 April 29, 2019
It means E. L. F.

ever lasting fuckbuddy
by Bod23 April 30, 2019