(According to sanskrit mythology), A horny indian guy, who is smart and sexy. A perfect man with a perfect body. Any girl would fall, for his character. Very confident, considers himself king of kings. Really fast, and a genius.
He is freaking NITHIN, no one can catch him.
No girl would reject him, he is like aNITHIN
by genuineguy December 23, 2014
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A wonderful Indian pharmacist who is loyal to a fault. He is the king of trivia and always knows the best places to eat. He can be the quiet one in the room but you always want him around for his quick whit and thought provoking questions. The Americans often butcher his name so he goes by “Nate.” There are two certainties with Nithin, he will always debate you and be the second funniest person you know.
Nithin is loyal to Pepsi.
by Cokelover April 20, 2020
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Nithin is normally a very cool and funny person. All his friends think he is very sexy and cool. Also known as gupta. He also gets all the girls.
by GuptaWasNotHere October 19, 2020
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To act blissfully unaware of something in front of people who know that you know it
He thought he was the only one who knew it, and you should have seen him nithinning when it was announced officially
by Ammi Jaan April 20, 2018
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(adj.) Brawny, beastly, usually large in physique. Usually associated with hot tempered individuals.
dude, that guy was keepin it nithin, bench pressing 450 lbs. like that.
by captainkoolaid July 16, 2006
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Ambitious, love to explore the world ,loves the snow and gloomy climate . Makes people happy even if it hurts . One who takes negative energy from others in order to make them happy. Mostly taken by a girl usually starting with A.
Mohamed Nithin loves negativity and does not judge because not all are perfect
by There was a devil November 24, 2021
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