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A minorly popular card game with confusing rules for every card value. Essentially, it is a form of Uno, but with even more rules. Variations include: "Go Smaj" (or SMAJFish), "SpitSMAJ" and "SMAJSevens"
"Do you want to play SMAJ?"

"Yes, it's a very fun game."
by Marti Phat Hands Jnr March 03, 2010
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See 'Caj'.
Derivation of 'smasual' (shortening of 'smart-casual').

Used when being too damn casual to say the whole word.

Pronounced like first syllable of 'casual'
Me: I'm having a bit of a caj gathering tonight.
You: Dress code?
Me: Smaj.
by Princess B August 26, 2006
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the bulge sprouting from the lower belt area of the abdominals forming a bubble of fattness apprearing to be a front/stomach vagina.
i can see your smaj.

your smaj is showing.

can i touch ur smaj?

whats the size of ur smage?
by paytonsmellslikecowpoop January 18, 2009
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