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The sound a penis makes when it is slapped against one's forehead.

The sound of a dicksmack.
I heard a smackle in my mom's bedroom.
by Jack January 26, 2004
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When something looks so smackable that you have to smack it.
Aaliyah: that chicken nugget looks so smackle in your hand
Anna: wtf
Olivia: you've never heard of smackle
Anna: no tf
by Trufflebuttertrio March 18, 2015
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an Eastern University student(SOC Major) who is slightly off balance due to his missing testicle.*

*lost in a floor hockey match
Mike Nowicki - (Nodicki) has a smackle.
by Kurt, Frank and Calvin December 10, 2006
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OK, this word is pretty unused but I spread it all over the internet. Muahahaha. Anyway, this means to smack and tackle someone at the same time. Also it could mean to do a huge belly-flop onto someone and tackle.
Boy1: Rofl hi it's me. (:
Girl: JOHNNY! -smackles-
Boy2: LOL.

Joe: Yo, man. Thank goodness no one is stealing mah gun right now.
Bob: HEEHEE! - takes gun -
Joe: - jumps off bridge and smackles -
Bob: Owwie.

by butterFLAII September 22, 2007
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Slamming one's solitary testicle against a wall.
Wow, I love to smackle my ball against this wall. It gives me a great release.
by Anonymous September 08, 2003
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