Another meaning for "muscular" or a broad physique.

The term is very similar to the word "hench" but is often used when describing someone with larger upper body proportion.
"My man is dench bruv"
"Look at his arms, he is really dench"
by Blitzin July 24, 2020
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Another meaning for "sick" or nice.
if something is well dench u can say that is well judi dench
That was dench bruvaaaaa
look at her saaaaaaaan she is well judi dench
by loch 22222 December 9, 2010
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'Man from Denmark'. 'Viking'
An experienced genealogist with the surname 'Dench', and some considerable research in this exact question.

The meaning of the word today, is still no different from that of its original use.

The Vikings that frequented the British Isles's past, were a far larger and stronger specimen, compared to those of the native inhabitants. Their fighting style, spirit and berserker rage in the face of overwhelming odds, made them men of renown, historically hired by Kings throughout Britain, to settle differences in times of war.
Co-coincident'ch'ly - Today's terms of;

'sick' , 'amazing' , 'cool' , 'huge' , 'big' , 'well executed' , 'seeming to be able to run through walls',

is similar to the way the Vikings were perceived with their feats of strength, battle and bravery, augmented with presence and rage.

In fact even the qouted

"When man gets punched in the face: You say "Thass denchhhh!!"

Could have been the sound of a commonly used alarm.
"The alarm 'DENCH!' (Men from Demark) is raised by the watchman as the first of the invading Vikings, sinks his axe into the head of the other sentry."
by 100%Dench January 18, 2013
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An award-winning performance worthy of an Oscar.
Dame Judi's performance in Shakespeare in Love was so Dench.
by Charles Magne October 7, 2013
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Meaning a person that has the ability to run through walls
''I always knew you were a Dench''
by THECAKEISNOTALIE November 29, 2009
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A word used by MistaDubstep to describe something that's sick, huge, amazing, big, awesome etc.
Person 1: "Oi! Do you like Mt Eden - Sierra Leone?"
by MistaDubstep August 21, 2011
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A combination of being both dumb and hench.
Have you seen that muscular delivery guy he is thick as shit. He must be well dench.
by ReelBigFreak July 11, 2013
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