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To be in a (foul mood).To feel so low that it feels that you could be living in the slums at that moment.
Yo I just got a 50 on my test. Yeah me too. Damn Im slummin.

Yo You Sluumin.Yeah Im slummin.
by Jason Tannenbaum October 11, 2006
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DC slang adjetive to describe a Go Go band that does not sound good. Sometimes used to describe anything that is not good or poor quality or that you don't like
I'm not goin to see them. Dey be slummin.


Dem bammas slum


I saw da new show on TV. Dat shit slum.
by DMV Representer July 22, 2009
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Something that is not desireable. Or, better put, something that sucks!
My job is so slummin, I work my tail off and don't even make $20,000 a year!

Did you see his new car that he paid $100 for? Man, that is the most slummin ride I've ever seen! I'm surprised it even runs.

"I can't go to the party tonight, man, I got grounded." .... "You can't?? Aww, man, that's slummin!"
by OTT August 01, 2005
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What your friends will say you were doing after you were caught with a girl that you didn't want them to find out about. (Caught riding a moped)
Lucky I figured I didn't know anybody way out here, I can take this 15 year-old girl here, do what I want to her and keep it a secret.

Windowlicker-1 "hey isn't that Lucky with that girl who looks like she's 12"

Windowlicker-2 "nah Bro, she looks 10 maybe 10 1/2, tops!!"

Windowlicker-1 "Man, that poor bastard is really SLUMMIN, I can't wait to make fun of him at work tomorrow"!!

Lucky "Fuck, they caught me slummin"

Windowlicker-2 "Hey Lucky, nice moped"
by Lucky January 18, 2004
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Verb |sl-uh-min|

To be under the influence of any/all drugs available with no regard to dignity or integrity, all while trying to: avoid tasks, accomplish tasks, or socialize.

The lower one sinks the harder they are slummin.
"Naw, I didn't finish that paper: I was slummin hard last night."

"There was no way I can show up to help I've been slummin way too long today."

"I don't care if I don't know anyone there, I'm slummin it up anyways."
by MalachiCon576 December 18, 2011
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