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A word derived from the stoner-culture. It means to act stupid, or do something stupid. It also can mean to be burnt, meaning you are slow or blank, because you're zoned or high.

It is DEFINITELY regional! Me and my crew from DC used it religiously. Once I moved to Miami (and now other parts of Florida) people had NO CLUE what the word was. No one from down here has ever heard of it!

See also: lunch out (verb or noun), lunch box (noun), lunch/lunched (verb)
They said they called me and I missed my turn, but I never left the room! I must have been lunchin or something.

Can someone go get him, we're 15 minutes late already and he's still in his room lunchin!

I can't get through to her at all, man, she's totally lunchin out over it.

He got arrested last night, the kid drove right into the back of a parked police car, now THAT is lunchin!!
by OTT August 1, 2005
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Something that is not desireable. Or, better put, something that sucks!
My job is so slummin, I work my tail off and don't even make $20,000 a year!

Did you see his new car that he paid $100 for? Man, that is the most slummin ride I've ever seen! I'm surprised it even runs.

"I can't go to the party tonight, man, I got grounded." .... "You can't?? Aww, man, that's slummin!"
by OTT August 1, 2005
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To take a story or joke to the extreme and throw it completely over the edge of any moral standards or proper behavior.

To totally take a joke to a place that is SO WRONG that the room just stares in silence shell-shocked.
"Once I broke my buddy's hand because we thought we could open a beer bottle in the woods by smacking it with a 2x4. Of course that didn't work, and his hand needed lots of stitches."

Followed by (here's the to "hutch it"):

"No, that's not what happened. You all were in the woods and needed the beer bottle opened but instead of doing that, he got down and gave you a blowjob." <cue the odd and awkward silence>
by OTT August 9, 2006
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Past-tense of the word lunch. See that definition for a good idea of what lunched is. It means to do something stupid, or to mess something up. It originated from the stoner-culture, and used to be associated with being high or burnt. But that is not always the case anymore. Go read the definition for lunch if you still don't understand.

You also hear, "lunched out". Same thing, just a different way to say it.

Definitely regional, I've only heard the word used in DC when I lived there, and we said it ALL the time! Since moving from there, no one I've met has ever heard of it.
Awww, man, I lunched! I drove all the way here and forgot the dang receipt!

After all that planning, he lunched out and walked through the security gate with a nug stuck to his fleece! Needless to say, he got arrested, what an idiot!
by OTT August 1, 2005
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<hacker> I could be a basketball star
<hacker2> whatever yacko
by OTT June 18, 2003
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