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Wow, you got HER number? That chick's a sloon; get her outta here!
by M-easy July 05, 2003
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to slack especially as it relates to pot smoking; a slooner is an affectionate term for a stoner who slacks off; sloon, slooning, slooned, slooner
"You slooned it man, Phil got up & jammed with Trey while you were slooning in the parking lot."
by Dooda September 06, 2005
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Barton wears tight tops! and tight jeans, and enjoys triple mohecans
"Barton is a Sloon"
by Dan H December 04, 2003
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A Sloon is a person who is undesirable, actions seem to be underhanded or "shady" , usually accompanied with the word ass. Ie. Sloon ass, or sloony ass. The array of people who can be called a sloon is large, pretty much any action not widely accepted by the group or person judging you can merrit the label SLOON. (southern cali)
Bro, that sloon ass nigga really still talking shit about me on facebook, ima fuck him up when i see him with his sloony ass
by ThotLord October 01, 2014
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