A term used to describe young rich, upper/ middle class people. They usually go to public or private school, enjoy playing/ watching polo, sailing, and rugby. The girls enjoy shopping in London and hang around King's Road, Notting Hill and High Street Kensington.

The girls can be spotted by their:
Ridiculously backcombed hair, often with a massive side parting near their ears. If the hair's tied up it's in a very messy ponytail or loose knot
Clothing by Jack Wills, Abercrombie and Fitch or Ralph Lauren
Large belts
Massive over-sized sunglasses
Countless amounts of big bangles
Footless tights, denim mini skirt and Ugg boots
Abercrombie and Fitch or Jack Wills jogging botttoms tucked into their Ugg boots
Skinny Jeans
Long often ratty looking cardigans
Over sized JW or A&F jumpers
Ballet pumps
Big set of Faux pearls
Polo/rugy shirts with the collars turned up
Loud, fast speech, saying 'yah' alot

The boys can be spotted weaing:
Any item of clothing by Ralph Lauren, Jack Wills or Abercrombie and Fitch
Polo/ rugby shirts with the collars turned up
Brown loafers

Names include: Harriet (Hats), Charlotte (Charls), Camilla (Mills), Emily (Ems), Antonia (Ants), Victoria (Tors/Tory), Olivia (Livs), Julia (Jules), Rupert, Sebastian, Jeremy (Jez), William (Wills)

Those girls are such sloanes.

(Normal people talking about sloanes)

"Shall we go shopping down the KR darls?"
"Yah! I've seen a new hoodie in Jack Wills it's sooooo fit!"

(Two sloanes talking to each other)
by Tiegs March 9, 2008
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The rich teenagers of Britain,
Sloanes are different to rahs and preps, they have the money but are not as stuck up. They are normally popular, and have lots of friends. They dress in labels such as; Jack Wills, Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, Superdry and other expensive brands.
Girls wear hair with a low parting, and it is normally messy or a loose bun. (but hair is beautifully conditioned)
They wear lots of makeup, foundation and have nude lips with lots of gloss.
They wear stacks of bangles and wristbands,
Large pearl earrings,
Pashmina scarves,
In UGGs a lot,
Ballet pumps,
canvas shoes in summer,
Mini denim skirt with nylon tights,
Label brand jogging bottoms with their Ugg boots,
Skinny Jeans,
Hoodies from a label brand,
Big belts,
tee shirts from the label brand,
layered up vest tops,
Cable knit jumpers,
V-neck jumpers,
Checkered shirt with leggings,
Gilets in winter,
Big leather bags, often from Louis Vuitton, Pauls boutique or Juicy Couture, and sometimes other designer labels.
They are often good looking.
You often see them on their iPhones or Blackberrys.
See them in Chelsea, Salcombe, and posh & rich areas of Britain.
Group of Girl Sloanes:

"Hey, time to go shopping along kings road"
"Yah, i need a new Jack Wills Gilet"
"Yah, My daddy has given me some money to buy clothes from abercrombie."
"Okay, let's go Jack Wills then Abercrombie & Fitch?"
by Izzy Jones August 17, 2011
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A beautiful, nice, caring person. One who tends to hide his/her feelings, but is always trying to help others with theirs. Sloans tend to be tall and dark complected. In love, they make fantastic partners who will stand by you forever. Amazing kissers. Loyal friends, and usually witty and sarastic.
"Ah man, I love Sloan. She's the best girlfriend ever."
"Yeah, I wish I had a girl like her..."
by MeepBossKid December 4, 2011
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sloan is normally a person who hides their feelings. if she feels like she’s losing a person she will leave them because she fears rejection. when she falls in love with someone or something that is all she thinks about. she has a hard time letting go and when she does, you’ve lost her forever. when you have a sloan, she will always be there for you no matter what. sloan’s also tend to be very hard to let go of. sloan’s are usually very good at hiding their problems, but when they show their problems, they trust you with everything. sloan’s normally don’t have the easiest life and they will go thru some very hard stuff. they have a very big heart that gets broken a lot but they are very very strong people. if you have a sloan in your life, never let them go
“is that a sloan?”
“yeah she’s the best person you’ll ever meet!”
by pleasehelpmelive April 17, 2019
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the act of being owned by a 3rd party that takes no action when a 2nd party blatently violates your rights even though the 3rd party is usually required to intervene.

Particularly used in basketball when the referees do not call a blatently obvious foul after someone has been viciously hacked by the other team
DAMN, that mothafucka got knocked to fuck out! what?! the refs didnt say nothing?! Man, he got sloaned!

or, in an office setting:

DAMN, that mothafucka copied his ass on the copier again and distributed copies to everyone in the office! what?! the bosses didnt say nothing? Man, we got sloaned!
by Bajan from TexAgs March 25, 2008
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Gaelic for warrior...Sloans are super strong and will fight. Loyal to a fault. Very loving...passionately
That girl in the after school fight was a total Sloan
by jdkudzu February 3, 2010
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The prettiest girl ever.

Usually Loves David Bowie
Tommy: did you see that hot girl yesterday?

Jack:Oh ya, Sloan
by Cooooolllllooloooooo October 30, 2018
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