8 definitions by Dan H

Nah word used buy townies and pikies becuase they are unable to pronounce the word "No" not sure why not they just can't.
"Alwight mate"
"Nah ima Fuckin townie and everybody finks im a twat!"
by Dan H December 04, 2003
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What's left on your sleeve after you wipe your nose on it.
Noun: After he sneezed, I could see a foot-long snotdrag on his new shirt. Adjective: I hate that little suck-up, he's such a snotdrag.
by Dan H January 29, 2004
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A word used in order to get those who follow trends to look like a fool, because it isn't an "in" word. Used as spandy for short.
person 1: "that's just spandy"
nerd who you're picking on "yeah! spandy!"
person 1 2 and 3 "hahahaha"
by Dan H January 12, 2004
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to be of or in a state of pwnzoration
thats so pwnzor
by Dan H September 11, 2003
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Barton wears tight tops! and tight jeans, and enjoys triple mohecans
"Barton is a Sloon"
by Dan H December 04, 2003
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