Stands for Sticking Leeches On Myself.

Originated from an "Above the Influence" that showed kids discussing the then-fictional activity with the intention to illustrate the power of peer pressure to make people do things they would otherwise think were ridiculous.

Ironically since the commercials started airing some have actually tried the activity and it has become minorly popular in some circles.

Some kids may actually enjoy it, others presumably do it because their friends do it, while others do it to make a statement ("I choose what I do with my own body, no matter how strange it may seem to you").

Slomming is not illegal. However, it does not provide any sort of high. Leeches suck your blood, so extensive slomming may cause fatigue. No deaths or comas from slomming have been reported yet. However, it seems only a matter of time before someone takes slomming to the next level by jumping into leech-infested waters, which can be deadly if an individual is intoxicated as leeches swarm to people with high blood-alcohol content, sometimes resulting in complete exsanguination.
1. Hey dude did you see that commercial with the leeches? That looked sick, huh? Mike got some leeches and we were gonna try it tonight. It's called "slomming".
2. Jess sloms alot, you can tell because of the marks all over. Gross, huh?
3. The slom commercial is so fucking funny man, I'll bet they never thought anyone would actually try that shit.
4. Hey gurl, we all goin' "slomming" tonight, wanna come with? I heard it make a lose weight, I wanna fit my swimsuit for the party Thursday.
by Mark Williamson March 15, 2007
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- noun

1. Stands for Sticking Leeches On Myself
2. A series of decisions that sucks the life out of a person.

- verb

1. To engage in an activity without thinking.
2. To make a decision based on wannabeitis.
Those who engage in SLOMming often fear not fitting in or simply enjoy being a sheep in the flock of life. Examples might include: fans of White Snake, people that wear parachute pants, and that 20-year-old guy who still hangs out at all the high school parties.
by daniisawesome January 20, 2007
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A word to describe a women who wheres far to much make-up. Shit Load Of Make-up
That women would be pretty if she wasnt such a SLOM
by DrAndrew August 15, 2010
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1. A simple combination of the two words slut and mommy.
2. Word for a milf who hits on all of her son's friends.
Jeff: "Yo, what did my mom say to you?"
Paul: "Your slom didn't say anything, she just bent over and i stuck it in her ass!"
by Paul February 16, 2005
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Verb- (slomer, sloming) To Slom is to slime around very slowly unsuccesfully trying to make friends with everyone you meet
OMG. Did you see that putrid guy sloming last night
by creyke August 12, 2008
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The word used to describe the feeling between friends that is similar to the feeling of 'love.'
Where love= Girlfriend: 'I love you baby.'
Boyfriend: I Love you too'

Slom= Guy 'Slom you dude.'
Guy's Best Mate 'Slom you too man.'
by Jean Lewis December 06, 2010
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