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An acronym which stands for "sticking leeches on myself." It was coined by an Above the Influence commercial which depicts high school students who are addicted to sticking leeches on themselves-supposedly to get high. The commercial used the term metaphorically to show how the power of peer pressure can influence adolescents to do dumb things-leeches truly cannot get a person high. However, the ad has had an ironic effect. Some brainiacs who view the commercial believe that leeches (which tend to carry many harmful diseases) can actually cause one to become high. Thus, "sloming," which is probably worse for one's health than pot, has actually become a practice among some naive teens.
"Hey do you wanna go sloming tonight?"
"Dude, that's not real"
by mealsss January 07, 2007
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Sticking Leeches On Myself. When idiots Stick Leeches to their Body They Are Sloming.Used As A Fast way to lose Weight, Either To Fit In Or because Sh/e Lacks Self esteem
When jake Is Sloming he Sticks Leeches on his ass
George Collects leeches To Use for Sloming
by #Unknown# November 30, 2006
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SLOM= Sticking Leeches On Myself.

The act of "sloming" was originally created (and not referred to as sloming) in the age of witch doctoring to extract blood when things like needles were not created yet. Today, no one actually does sloming. This was created as a commercial to show kids how stupid following your friends are when they are doing stupid things like drugs and alcohol. Drugs and underage alcohol looks as stupid as sloming, stay above the influence.

ROFL GAYASS. there's no such thing.
by SUPKATE? January 06, 2007
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self-leeching. besically, sticking leeches on your self, thinking you're gonna get high, like that anti-drug commercial.
1: dude!, want to go sloming?!?
2: what's that?
1: sticking leeches on yourself to get high! like the commercial said!
2: ...
1: so are you in or out?
2: ummm, no, i'm not a retard.
by Ariel Rojas January 03, 2007
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something the government made up to try and trick kids into thinking marijuana is bad. of course actual intelligent people know that if sticking leeches on yourself got you high,happy with yourself and content with the world people would actually do it but of course it doesn't so people smoke pot instead.
dude do you want to slom tonight?
no sloming dumb lets just smoke pot instead.
ok, it's actually fun!
by leo stewart April 28, 2007
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