Someone who tells Washington that they want laws and other things just to benefit themselves. The following are required to be defined as slobs.

- A Progressive or Right Winger that is a....
2. Hollywood star or Pro Athlete or a key figure for Big Oil, Big Pharma.

3. High-income, tax dodging by purposely donating mass amounts to charity rather than giving by heart.

Combine all four into a lobbying festival and you got yourselves a slob!

The slobs can also be nepotistic.....

5. A labor union that serves the rich and not the middle class.

6. A media conglomerate that does not invest in youthful talent
ExxonMobil posted a 80 billion dollar profit, they paid zip taxes this quarter. What slobs.
by citylifeloving January 09, 2012
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A lazy, dirty, person who does not clean up after themselves, hygiene malfunction, and or an obsese person who is a glutton known as a dirty individual with lazy mobility.
That man is so fat and dirty he is a slob.
She is such a slob she hasn't showered in over a week.

I can't believe how lazy and dirty he is, he is such a slob.
by Wikipedia's source June 08, 2017
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A better and more descriptive way of saying blow job.
"I was gettin some slob the other night and this girl brought her friend into it for a tag team"
by superduperbreezy March 30, 2016
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