Slob on my nob is a cooler way of saying suck on my dick.
slob meaning sick and nob meaning dick.

originally first heard from the band 36 mafia in a song called-slob on my nob.
Yo frank, slob on my nob!

Lyrics from the song: Slob on my nob,like corn on the cob.
by Nick Pierce May 16, 2006
Suck a dick, or perform fellatio to be exact. Slob being a truncated pronounciation of "slobber" an the nob being the dick.
From the Mafia 666 lyrics "Slob on my nob, like corn on the cob."
by TwistedBitch April 1, 2008
Shaneefa (yo bitch): Do I look fat in this dress?
You: Bitch you look fat in everything. The McDonald's did that to yo ass.
Shaneefa: NIGGA what you talkin' about.
You: You trippin' bitch. Slob my nob.
by Nick D February 7, 2003