a sloppy load; an extremely large and sloppy fat person, but sloppy fat as in jiggly arms, cottage cheese thighs and or thunder thighs, turkey neck, man tits ect......
we better hurry up and get some food before that sload hits the buffet table.
Oh my god.... is that a walrus????? maybe a manatee?????no its just that sload kirstie alley on dancing with the stars.
by TaneyTimes March 25, 2011
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Its defined as a combination of a "slab" and a "load." It mainly pertains to a college student who does nothing.
When my youngest son graduated college, he slowly became a sload.
by Shawzie43 December 17, 2010
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(v) (refers to computers): to load extremely slowly (Combo of 'slow + 'load')
Jeez, this computer won't stop sloading.
by MrWords June 23, 2009
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a term used to exaggerate something; specifically an amount; "nice" way of saying shit load; referring to a copious amount
She has a s-load of working out to do before she will become a size 2 again!
by CRHook January 04, 2011
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Contraction of the idiomatic expression 'shit load' to indicate something existing in abundance. For example "He just ate a sload of babies" to indicate "he just ate a shit load of small children" Not to be confused with the inversion "your explanation is a load of shit".
"The only good time to say I have diarrhea is during a game of Scrabble, because it's worth a sload of points." - Zach Galifianakis
by flakyfred March 16, 2017
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