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The act of getting beligerently drunk and loaded in the vicinity of San Luis Obispo, CA, while making horrible mistakes and definitely losing your dignity.

WARNING: May result in death.
Dominic, Ryan, Vinnie, E-Boner, Leif, Beau, Nick, and Gibi's got way to Sloaded Halloween weekend.
by Brokellar October 30, 2010
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The point between being heavily buzzed and too full-on drunk/stoned/high to do anything, so you can't really do much but you're aware of your state. Usually associated with lazy drunks.
No, I can't go bowling tonight because I'm too sloaded to get off the couch.

I went to pick her up, but she was sloaded and would have been worthless.
by Camel Feet March 08, 2011
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An intense level of intoxication, only reached during weekends after a long week at a strict prep school, preferably a catholic high school. Not properly explained via words, this state of being can only be truly comprehended if experienced.
Priest: "So what are you boys doing this weekend, getting sloaded?"

Students: "... what does sloaded mean?"

Priest: "Its when you get so loaded, you can't say sloaded!"
by Aladdin...BITCH! November 09, 2010
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