A word coined by Charles Manson to describe to describe himself and his followers as "slipping out of society". Similar to hippies in that both groups partake in lots of acid and sex, but preferring theft and murder to peace.
No man, Mansons group were slippies not hippies. Hippies don't go around murdering people.
by guy from the twin cities December 27, 2008
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really old shoes, that are amazingly cool and that are amazing
Eddie slipped on his slippies
by Coopa Flava November 07, 2006
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Anthropomorphic frog and worst Starfox pilot. Demands help in getting out of anything from shaking off Andrew (the worst Star Wolf pilot) to shaking off two pathetic drones that could easily be destroyed by a somersault followed by a single charged laser blast. Offers completely useless advice in Star Fox Adventures.
"Hey! What's the big ide- Hey! What's the- Hey! Wh- I'm monkey food if I don't leave!" -Slippy's words in the first two seconds of the Star Wolf battle as I target him (?) for annihilation
by Syckls June 22, 2005
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1. The female equivalent of a 'boner.' When the vagina is wet and ready to have sex. (to have a) slippy.
Ex: "Man, I'm so hot for you right now, I have a huge slippy right now- stick it in me!
by alissafoo December 05, 2009
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