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A stupid mistake.

A derogatory term for a person who often fucks up.

The term, chemlee, is taken from the television show, "Pawn Stars." The nickname of Austin "Chumlee" Russel, a employee of the pawn shop. (According to the show's web page, Austin's elementary school friends took the name from cartoon character Tennessee Tuxedo’s sidekick, a walrus named Chumley.) Austin is a viewer favorite because of his entertaining fuck ups.
If someone were to put the Thanksgiving turkey in the oven but forget to turn it on thereby ruining Thanksgiving dinner....that person "pulled a chumlee."

Hey Chumlee...how do you expect the bird to cook if you didn't turn on the oven!
by YinzerInPgh January 21, 2010

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Acronym for Annoying Little Fucker, i.e. children.....or many of them anyhow.
We were supposed to enjoy dinner and drinks but she brought her ALF and the whole night was ruined with his whining, crying, and rowdiness.
by YinzerInPgh September 23, 2013

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Pittsburghese dilect or vernacular for "slippery."

The freezing rain caused the roads to be slippy.
by YinzerInPgh January 30, 2009

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When the distinction between reality and fantasy blurs.
Les: "I either met her or dreamt i met her the other nite!"

Susan: "...and the distinction between reality and fantasy blurs."

Cody: "Welcome to LESality."
by YinzerInPgh December 27, 2009

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A tampon. Use of this slang for "tampon" was made popular in the 1976 horror movie, "Carrie," starring Sissy Specek and based on a Stephen King novel. In the movie there is a scene where Carrie, showering after gym class at school, begins to menstruate for the first time. She is frightened because her extremely religious mother had never told her about periods. Carrie, no stranger to classmate bullying, is teased about this and the girls in the shower chant, "plug it up, plug it up, plug it up" while throwing tampons at her.
Girl to friend: Let's go swimming.
Friend: I can't. I just started my period.
Girl to Friend: So? Plug it up and let's hit the beach!
by YinzerInPgh January 30, 2009

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In medicine, especially in obstetrics or genetics, an abbreviation for "Father Of the Baby."

Slightly slang when said as a word, "fob," which suggests that it is not known if he is the baby's mother's husband. A slightly more respectful way of saying "baby daddy."
The patient would like the F.O.B. to be in the room during the delivery.

She's a single mother with six children and four fobs.
by YinzerInPgh January 30, 2009

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Dilate. Open.
It isn't really a word but some people, especially Yinzers from Pittsburgh, mistakenly use the word dialate (DI-uh-leyt) when they mean dilate. If you hear it, don't be a jagoff and point out the mistake. Yinz know what they meant.
by YinzerInPgh February 03, 2015

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