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I hung my head out the car and sledged some guy with a stupid hat.
by heeeysa September 29, 2003
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commonly used in sports to insult players from an opposing team. the sport with the highest amount of sledging is cricket, with one player having to stand in the middle of the opposing team for what could be hours on end. because cricket requires supreme concentration; witty, clever and insulting sledges can be useful in putting the batsman off his game.

some sledges, however, can turn nasty when racism is brought into it, usually by the south africans or pakistanis (but never australians ;)
sledging can occur in football except footballers are usually too stupid to come up with clever sledges.
examples of a sledge:

mark waugh (aus) to james ormond (eng): There's no way your good enough to play for england!
james ormond: maybe not, but at least i'm the best player in my family.

rod marsh (aus) to ian botham (eng): So Ian, hows your wife .... and my kids?

and so on. have to be an aussie or a pom to find them funny
by holmesinho January 23, 2007
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One who always manages to get pulled by particularly munting women.
'Alec you old sledge, why do you always get pulled by dogs?'

by flanjeeta April 12, 2007
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To snog the face of someone in a 'i'm going to swallow your face' kind of way
She is well getting a sledge from that guy.
by Kelz-O October 07, 2009
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Originating in the early 1400s, a sledge is used to describe certain catchphrases such as "that's just the kind of guy I am," overusing the word "legitimately" or eating subway too often.
what!? no!? that's not a sledge! What... oh :( sad face.
by Kechang! April 01, 2011
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One who has the personality of a sledge hammer and thinks that pucnhing bricks and drinking beer for breakfast is fun.
a person how thinks there shit dont stink and there guns are huge an peckers are small. Sledge Sledge Sledge. That football player is a real sledge!!
by Cougar N Bear October 01, 2006
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