Sledging or "Mental Disintergration" as it is also known is the tactic of talking to players on the opposition side (particularily batsmen, as taking on a whole team in the field is never a good idea) with the objective of destroying either their concentration or their confidence/self esteem. Sledging is practised in a large way by the Australian Cricket Team, but most International teams partake in sledging. Sledging can be merely an opposition player talking constantly to the batsman, but has mostly become known as players swearing and questioning their lineage.
Glenn McGrath to Eddie Brandes
GM: "Oi Brandes why are you so fat?"
EB: "Because everytime I shag your wife she gives me a biscuit"

Andrew Flintoff to Tino Best (after Best had attempted a slog sweep towards the pavilion)
AF: "Mind those windows Tino"

Rod Marsh to Ian Botham
RM: "So how's your wife and my kids?"
by umpirestrikesback May 16, 2005
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Sleep edging - the masochistic practice of letting yourself get really close to falling asleep before waking yourself up again.
Thanks to my alarm I was inadvertantly sledging all morning.
by Aplusbar November 6, 2017
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Any words from the mouth of a man wearing a ring on his right index finger
Scott: Hello, how are y-
Everyone: Change! Sledging!
by mrpoopypantsman March 28, 2011
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To protrude your jaw outwards whilst rolling your eyes back into your head. Common in hot/humid nightclubs were a lot of people are dancing on Ecstasy.
also: gurn
" eh lad!! pick your fuckin jaw up off the deck and lets get to fuck, I'm fuckin hot as"
by John Gaskell February 12, 2004
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Similar to fisting, but using a sledgehammer rather than your fist. Basically its the art of fucking a person up the ass with a sledgehammer.
I gave your mum a damn good sledging last night, right after I gave her a cincinnati bowtie.
by Eddie Bear August 6, 2007
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Beating somebody you hate to a pulp with a sledgehammer.
"Man I really can't stand Paris Hilton...I just wanna sledge her to a pulp"

"Kanye West is a fag..."

"Yea he's definitely sledge-worthy..."

Sledging can be a very fun fantasy to imagine out in your mind about people you can't stand, and can be quite therapeutic. When somebody's really bothering you or you just can't stand somebody cause he's a big fag or she's a fuckin bitch, you can just close your eyes and imagine beatin the shit out of that person with a sledgehammer (in your mind of course, not in real life).

This is a safe way to release anger and come to terms with your disdain for other people.
by Sledgemaster Flex February 24, 2010
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Sledge is someone I would love to know. Lifeless where?
by Uthought_User789ulala November 15, 2022
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