The way of speaking that makes you sound professional, nerdy and often times like a geeky caucasian person. Often times, people use their white voices in places like the office, while giving speeches, and when used to impress smart people.
Guy 1: "Well Edward, isn't that the most wonderful tie that you have on! Is it Bvlgari?"

Random Eavesdropper (to friend): "What a kiss ass! He's just using his white voice to suck up to the boss."
by AllyP September 26, 2009
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A slight change in the words or way a non-white person will talk amongst a group of white people. Usually sounding more polite and making the person appear more friendly and less threatining.
Person1to white person (using White voice - calmer, more polite tone) : "Hey, hows is going?"

Person1to non-white person (not using White Voice - regular tone) : "Yo man, whats up?"
by pseudonym111223344 October 16, 2010
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Popularized by RajiTheOne's song "#WhiteGirlVoice", this term refers to the act of dodging someone's calls, and "hitting them with the white girl voice" aka sending them to voicemail.
Don't criticize RajiTheOne's music man, he doesn't take calls from haters. He'll hit you with the white girl voice.

If they aren't talking about money, I hit 'em with the white girl voice.
by JamesTownEsq January 29, 2017
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When you use a bitchy voice aka a white girl who has too much privilege.
Sorry to hit you with the white girl voice.
by Harambe III October 11, 2016
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When a person who normally doesn't speak in proper tone changes their tone of voice to sound as if they we're professional.
Guy 1: Yea nigga, and then he tried to run up on me but I wasn't having that shit tho.

Guy 2: That's mad crazy son I woulda been bugging out, better you than me

Guy 1: Hold up my phone ringing. *Answers* Hello, this is Jerome how may I help you?

Guy 2: Damn nigga, you be using the white phone voice too??
by kj3phriez July 6, 2017
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A phrase used to describe a type of voice often heard in popular rock music. Many bands' singers suffer from having this average vocal range. Bands such as Anberlin and Acceptance have singers with this type of voice. It isn't really bad, it's simply mundane and thus less entertaining than the unique voices of singers such as Jonathan Davis of Korn. The term is generally derogatory, but does not need to be.
Guy Who Likes Popular Rock Bands: "Hey did you hear that new single by Acceptance?"

Guy with Musical taste: "Nope. Their singer has generic white guy voice. Sounds kinda like a lot of other emo and pop rock singers to me. I prefer unique sounding singers like Edsel Dope of Dope."
by MrBlackers July 21, 2010
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