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The way of speaking that makes you sound professional, nerdy and often times like a geeky caucasian person. Often times, people use their white voices in places like the office, while giving speeches, and when used to impress smart people.
Guy 1: "Well Edward, isn't that the most wonderful tie that you have on! Is it Bvlgari?"

Random Eavesdropper (to friend): "What a kiss ass! He's just using his white voice to suck up to the boss."
by AllyP September 26, 2009
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A slight change in the words or way a non-white person will talk amongst a group of white people. Usually sounding more polite and making the person appear more friendly and less threatining.
Person1to white person (using White voice - calmer, more polite tone) : "Hey, hows is going?"

Person1to non-white person (not using White Voice - regular tone) : "Yo man, whats up?"
by pseudonym111223344 October 16, 2010
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