To kill someone rapidly or in a disturbing way.
Police Officer: "How did he murder the man?"
Police Officer #2: "He completely slaughtered him!"
by 50Savage March 21, 2018
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1. To brutally seize the existance of a being. Brutally. (Kill, Murder, Massacre, Slay, Butcher)
2. An 80's 'metal' band that brutally seized the existance of the genre. Brutally. (Pussies, Poseurs, Asswipes, losers)
Did you hear!? REDWHITEnCrue25 slaughtered every single member of Slaughter! F in A!
by REDWHITEnCrue25 July 25, 2005
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To, usually brutally, end the life of a living entity.
Fred: Wow, Johnny sure slaughtered Ben there.
*Ben is on the ground with his head decapitated*
Johnny: All in a day's work, Fred.
by Zarithas July 1, 2005
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Someone who gives themselves the name Slaughter is the type of person to joke around stuff and usually bully themselves, somehow is able to catch feelings for someone fast and thinks about stuff that isn’t true but in reality everyone likes this person and has a really good time with this person and has nice friends :))
Slaughter: I don’t Like The way I look
by TheOne&Only :)) November 28, 2020
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1.To have sex with a woman or man.

2.To completely pleasure a woman or man into a coma of orgasms.

3.To slaughter yourself (Ex.Masturbation) Sexually pleasuring yourself intended to orgasm.
"Dude I was with Jessica last night and I completely 'slaughtered' her in bed!"

"Dan , you were great last night" - "Ya , I really 'slaughtered' you last night Bob."

"I was looking at pictures of Chuck Norris last night and I started to 'slaughter' myself."
by NFMHS RLF January 6, 2010
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When a brother & sister have incest sex & produce a baby, it is of the son's sperm from the family & the daughter's ovaries that made the slaughter (son of family having sex with the daughter of family equals slaughter regardless of the sex of the child, they are considered a slaughter) (son+daughter=slaughter)
Akhenaten (King Tut's father) & The Young Lady (King Tut's mother) were in fact, siblings, (brother & sister)(son & daughter), that had incest sex & were burdened with King Tut (the byproduct of the son & daughter in their royal family from incest, therefore King Tut was the Slaughter of his royal family.)
by My defintions not yours June 14, 2020
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