ravenously hungry, starving etc etc.

used widely; but often in the north east and especially newcastle, primarily by people 60+ and sarah too.
eeeee pet i'm famished
by pierced_klown February 11, 2004
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So hungry you could eat a whale.
Michelle was famished because she hadn't ate at anything all day!
by bobbybilllll January 31, 2020
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guy1: dude that girl was so ball famished she swallowed my balls
guy2: lucky bastard
by jim34563434643 November 26, 2007
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When a person has been denied the pleasure of penis in or around the mouth for an extended period of time.
There has been a penis drought in Kathy's mouth I do believe she's cock famished.
by jewfroninja69 February 27, 2014
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A word to describe hunger beyond belief, in moments when you are completely and utterly so damn hungry and have no one to share this experience with..

Hunger (motivational state)... as described by a woman who is attempting to attain a stress free life in order to catch up with life.
Mr. Krish was leaving work today and his "Famishedness" was so completely unbearable, however he couldn't fill the void in his stomach, due to the lack of companionship during his lunch break.
by Krish Dhokia October 24, 2011
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