A game whose object is for one male to slap another male in the balls for the sole purpose of everyone else's amusement. The game is generally played on a specific day of the week, namely Sunday. There are also certain variants of the game, such as including women and adding beaver chops to the game. Also, no slap backs, so you can't right away hit the balls of the person that just hit you.
After putting up with that stupid asshole all week, I couldn't wait to chop Elliott in the nuts on slap ball Sunday.
by Josh the expo July 10, 2006
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A game played with a soft ball where the aim is to keep the ball from hitting the floor by "slapping" the ball upwards with the hand. Usually played in a circle of about 5-6 players but more or less players is just as good.

Skill- Using shoulder, head, elbow, knee, impressove dives etc.
Bob Ball- A serve that goes miles out of the circle
"ahh that was a Bob Ball"
"what a slap ball skill"
by Stowup-urs-land D of E May 25, 2006
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when two men have sex with one female.one penis in the ass and one in the vagina at the same time.from the below angle it appears that the 2 mens balls are slappin together.
yo justin, me and you need to slap balls with that bitch at umass.
by joseph machado February 1, 2007
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This is a game created in 2009 by College Students in Cork. Since its creation the games popularity has grown rapidly. The game derives from Gaelic Handball and the popular schoolyard game "One touch one bounce". The game can involve between three and six players. The aim of the game is to eradicate participants until there is a sole player left who is winner. The official ball is a bouncy one of radius 3cm. Each player begins the game with 5 'lives' and each time a participant fails to return a 'pass' a life is forfeited.
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The act of male testicles slapping their partners ass during sex. The best way to determine the "core"ness of sex is by how hard the males testicles are slapping their partners ass.
He was screwing her so hard those were ass-slapping balls!
by AK_32 October 20, 2013
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Main Entry: Ball Slapp·ing
Function: Adjective
Etymology: American Slang
1: Loud slapping sound created during intense sexual intercourse as the balls bang against a lovers body.
by T.A.S. March 16, 2005
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