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A game from the 2000s where your as a marble, and you have to complete levels
Marble Blast Gold is not able to the public anymore :(
thats all i know, because i havent played since 2010 XD
by SheepSugary December 12, 2019
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The 168th prime number, also
By place
Byzantine Empire

July 16 – Battle of Spercheios: Byzantine forces under General Nikephoros Ouranos defeat the Bulgarians at the Spercheios River in Greece. During a night battle the Bulgarian co-ruler Samuel is wounded, he and his son Gavril Radomir evade capture by feigning death among the bodies of their slain soldiers. Samuel sets off to Bulgaria and retreats with the remnants of his army into the Pindus Mountains. Ouranos returns to Constantinople, with 1,000 heads of Bulgarian soldiers and 12,000 captives.1


Al-Mansur, the de facto ruler of Al-Andalus, assaults and partially destroys the city of Santiago de Compostella. He is accompanied in his raid by Christian Portuguese lords, who all receive a share of the booty. On their way, they sack the cities of Zamora and León.2

Summer – Roman of Bulgaria dies in captivity in Constantinople. He is succeeded by his brother Samuel (a member of the Cometopuli Dynasty) who takes the Bulgarian title of tsar. He possibly receives his 'imperial crown' from Gregory V (approximate date).

King Stephen Držislav of Croatia dies after a 28-year reign. His three sons, Svetoslav, Krešimir III and Gojslav, open a violent contest for the throne, weakening the kingdom and allowing Samuel to encroach on the Croatian possessions along the Adriatic.

(yes i copied this from Wikipedia please don't sue me)
997 is a pretty big number, but do you know what's bigger? my di-
by SheepSugary December 12, 2019
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A common phrase used only by the "smartest intellectuals" who have a learning capacity of that of a 5 year old when they want to call someone on Skype.
Me: *says nothing while online on Skype*
"Intellectual": SkYpE mE nOw
Me: no i can't, i'm busy
"Intellectual": SkYpE mE nOw
Me: I just fucking said i can't
"Intellectual": aRe We FrIeNdS
by SheepSugary December 12, 2019
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Australian slang for segment.
Person 1: oi mate, watch this seggo of fat pizza
Person 2: yeah nah, sounds good
by SheepSugary August 15, 2023
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A kick ass australian youtube channel that has almost 190 million youtube views and over 900,000 subscribers.
The creators are Nathan and Theodore Saddien.
Their parents are Greek Egyptians.
Guy 1: Hey bro you heard of the channel superwog1?
Guy 2: no i havent sounds like some gay version of superman
Guy 1: Shut the fuck up! it has over 900,000 subscribers.
Guy 2: Alright show me this channel if you think its good then.
by SheepSugary September 13, 2018
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Australian slang for evening, (similar to arvo).
Person 1: What you doing this Friday eveo?
Person 2: Not much, wanna go out?
Person 1: Yeah nah, sounds good mate
by SheepSugary May 25, 2023
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