"Skrt skrt" is an important term in hip-hop, rap, and modern culture. Used by many rappers like Lil Uzi Vert. The word represents the sound of rubber wheels when you drift or turn abruptly.

Nowadays, used as a slang word to express excitement and humor. Often used as "skrt skrt" with a minor voice crack.
Justin: "Check out my new car in GTA"

Sathvik: "Pretty fast"

Justin: "skrt skrt"
by kanglol February 6, 2017
A word used for any meaning; usually used after you do something good or if you just want to express feeling; also used just to break silence or if you just want to say something.

This is meant to used at the end of a sentence.
"I just made a sick catch, skrt skrt. "

"This weather isn't holding up so well, I'm kinda scared, skrt skrt.
by Wainkansum February 25, 2016
represents the sound of tyres screeching and can be used at the end of any sentence to show excitement, agreement, humour or just for the sake of saying something.
"bro i totally bombed that test!"

"same here, skrt skrt!"
by bigdudeydude July 7, 2017
Skrt skirt is trying to say that you are sporty things with a car like a bad boy. It also means driving fast. Or when you are taking a harsh turn
by Togodgks December 14, 2017
Technical term: the sound a car makes when its tires screech

Slang term: what you say when an awkward situation arises
Penelope: "So I asked her out and she turned me down :("
Bob: "Skrt skrt"
by sonyamasi March 26, 2018