if you yell skrt while doing somethong illegal its immediately not illegal
by Welchs® Fruit Snacks June 9, 2018
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The sound a car makes when it goes vroom. Not some Kodak Black song
Car skidding on the road: Skrttt

Kodak Black: skrt skrt
by SydneyEsh May 9, 2018
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Used in basketball when one changes directions quickly on an opponent and makes them fall.
by Sloppyjoe2486 November 20, 2017
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She's ugly so I had to skrt.
by BavidSupreme February 21, 2017
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Ivan walks up to Kyle
Ivan: Skrt skrt
Kyle: ??
Ivan: I don't know I was bored.
by HamzaSaidClickBoom January 25, 2017
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it's like saying 'you're crazy', or 'holduppp.'
mary: 'my best friend is prego!'
dan: 'skrt! no way!'

mary: 'I think I just failed my history test.'
dan: 'skrt, it was so easy!'
by psychosuede February 28, 2011
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"Skrt skrt" is an important term in hip-hop, rap, and modern culture. Used by many rappers like Lil Uzi Vert. The word represents the sound of rubber wheels when you drift or turn abruptly.

Nowadays, used as a slang word to express excitement and humor. Often used as "skrt skrt" with a minor voice crack.
Justin: "Check out my new car in GTA"

Sathvik: "Pretty fast"

Justin: "skrt skrt"
by kanglol February 6, 2017
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