Suh dude is a very unique way of saying "what's up dude?".
It can also be pronounced "asuh dude".
People often add a laughter before saying "suh dude" so it will be like, "ahahaha SUH DUDE" and the other person will slightly squint their eyes and reply "aha suh dude".
"Suh dude"
"Duuuude asuhhhh"
"Suuhhhhh duuude"
by Munchie slayer February 5, 2016
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Pronounced "saw due." It means hey, or what's up?
"Suh dude!" Said Nick. "Ha, suhhhh!" Said Getter
by Borashaw March 19, 2016
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What fuckboys say to greet other sentient critters.
Fuckboy 1 walks past a Venus fly trap
F1: Suh dude
Vft: yo
by Mark Ockersbig March 11, 2016
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Pronounced suh-dew. Shortened version of the statement "What is up dude?".
by J tha Destroyer September 10, 2009
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An alternate way of saying "sup dude" but when you're high af. Keep in mind your voice has to sound like you have a penis In your rectum and you have to smoke good weed for the best results.
*hits blunt*

Stoner 1: Suh Dude
Stoner 2: Dude, Suh
by ButtMasterHurteson February 2, 2016
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A retarded version of 'What's up dude?'. This is typically used when people can't be arsed to say the full sentence.
Matt: 'Suh dude!'
Michael: 'What's up'
by CHLAYMDIA May 22, 2016
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A definition of "OK dude". This word usually was used by idiots or by morons.
It contains Illuminati also!
yo bro Suh dude!

Bill: Have you eaten your breakfast?
by kyle284 September 1, 2016
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