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Australian irregular english verb

An "attack" or "persue" command for a dog
Dog owner: "Fifi, skitch the cat"

Fifi the standard poodle: persues the cat
by pseudopsud September 7, 2019
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A person who sleeps around and gets more than one person to sleep with in a period of time.
" That Bitch is a fucking SKITCH. Sleeps with about more than 4 guys in a week. WHORE\
by Lovehopr12 January 11, 2017
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That Brazillian girl on the Rock of Love Bus is a real skitch.
by mochalovegoddess January 28, 2009
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adjective. describing a skanky bitch
that sally girl, she's a nasty skitch.
by king shiloh666 April 23, 2018
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A very grotesquely skinny woman with witch like features
Jesus, Angelina Jolie is such a fuckin Skitch
by Kindarudeoddlyfunny September 14, 2019
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