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- A skinny and skanky dependant of a service member. Typically the "whores" that cheat on their spouses and use their benefits as they ho around.

- The skinny skank whores that work and cheat in their place of employment.

- The small minded and small bodied whores that "dog" on stay at home mothers, while their out spreading their legs.

- Malnurished prostitute who is married to one in uniform and ho's around.
"Did you see that skinnyskankdependawhorus walk by? She cheated on her husband while he was deployed and 2 out of her 3 kids aren't his!"

The only reason she got the job before you (a previous stay at home mom) is because she gave her now boss head in the back alley of the bar on "white collar night", what a skinnyskankdependawhorus!

The only reason that skinnyskankdependawhorus got employee of the week is from being on her knees.

Just because I have a booty and some curves unlike the skinnyskankdependawhorus doesn't mean I'm fat and lazy!
by JoJo Yo Mama August 22, 2012
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