A person in Runescape, who will rather develop his non-combat skills than killing monsters and raising combat stats all the time.
Lvl 97: Fletching lvl?
Lvl 54: 89
Lvl 97: Whoa! Total lvl?
Lvl 54: 1428 :-)
Lvl 97: Skiller! im only 1213 :S
by Kingsize Kenny December 02, 2006
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A RuneScape player who prefers to train non-combat skills but doesn't neglect to train combat skills - or skills they dislike.
Level 3: I just got my last non-combat to 99! I'm the best skiller now!
Skiller: You're not a real skiller, you have at least 7 skills at level 1.
by 125426 October 07, 2007
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a Fifa Pro Clubs player who thinks that the game should be played with constant use of skill moves instead of strategy and flair. Usually accompanied by a blue afro and gaudy coloured gloves.
He claims to be a skiller, probably a good reason to avoid having him in your team.
by junk334345 June 08, 2013
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Most vague definition is: ordinary superpower holders. Group of individuals that have enhanced skills. These skills may range from playing piano, to drawing, etc. Ordinary skills which were brought to the extreme.
S: What do you see when you look at an object?
D: Well... since I've studied a lot drawing, I am able now to transform a real object into a 3D object in my mind. I can rotate it the way I want and see different parts of the object.
S: Wow! You know that makes you part of the skillers right?
D: Oh really? What's that?
S: Oh you should look it up on urban dictionary!!
by FossaMada August 17, 2020
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the one with the Skills
Master converter.. Ps2/GBA hacker.
Member of the CMP

Skiller quote
“There is only thing in life not to do is give up”
Mirf: Hey skiller can u help me out
Skiller: Sure what ya need .
Mirf: I need to know how to Port
Skiller: your in luck IM workin on a porting Guide on the CMP .. :)
by Skiller January 13, 2005
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Bunch of nerds who not only can not pk, but also suck at skilling.
Guy 1: Hey dude wanna come Pk ?
Lazhaar: wesh pute nègre, naan la je dois aller faire des games pour mon 99 construction t'as vu, et après pause Kebab. Mais si tu veux on trick et... OUIIIII BRAWLING GLOVES HUNTER!!!!
Guy1:..................09 skiller..........................
by itachi san1 December 18, 2009
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The best skilling clan in the MMORPG Runescape. Known for housing some of the most amazing skill pures ever. Highly renowned by all players that have heard of it, and most skillers strive to be able to join one day.
Dude, I can't WAIT to get into Skiller's Creedl!
by BFTW November 26, 2010
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