Jay: t oiiiiii dropping bare skengs stilllll
Romell: oiiiiiiiiiiii
by MrMetalhead August 20, 2019
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A knife / blade weapon

Derives from Jamaican patois, often confused with Leng (firearm/gun)
Allow that boy man, he's packin a skeng

Draw fi skeng man, slice n dice
by Doobsh July 17, 2005
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A big black dildo.. Usually carried by London gangs, They carry them in their man bags.
"mans rolling with that skeng.. packing bare inchs today g"
by An opp August 13, 2017
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In London a skeng is a gun not a knife
Skeng in a four door truck and we're tryna crash it at dem man
by 3rdsidesharkz August 4, 2018
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A skeng is a knife or a gun preferably a knife or sword or any blade but it can be a gun
Wagwan g what you sayin man rah had to run up in that pussys yard the other day guy had a 44 i had to draw for the skeng and cut arf his head yuno like that
by CJ From the 6 April 2, 2017
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1. a weapon of choice
2. whatever you want it to mean
3. get skeng means become hyped, normally used by 18 year-old London roadmen.
"*tut* oiiiiiiiiiiii fam, me an the bois are goin down to atik, finna get skeng stiiilllll"
by ayobossmanbossmea June 5, 2019
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To be 'Skenged' is to be shanked or shot in the face virtually or physically.
Connor - Bruv I'm gonna skeng ya
Jaiden - Nah Cus your gonna get more skenged than me
Tom - Cum up ear you get skenged yeah?
by SwagChicken1 March 27, 2018
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