A word used to describe a rave/partying/dancing.
"Let's go skeng"
"Last night was absolute skeng"
by JPrkr665 January 29, 2018
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This is another way of saying vape
Yo boy pass me that skeng.
No way is that a new skeng you got there?
by Spanish g September 07, 2017
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a skeng is a gun not a knife cuz in london no one gets shook when u back a knife
these opp boys tried to pressure man when i pulled out the skeng they froze
by beau is nigga November 14, 2020
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other wise known as skank

Throw ya gun fingers in the air
pal : “this is a banga
me: “unooo it makes me wanna SKENGGGG”
by SkengNation November 14, 2019
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when someone’s being a skeng
you’re an absolute skeng’
by gajabooxx November 11, 2020
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