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To reduce to skeletal form. Can involve; peeling flesh from the bone, result of decomposition(at a very advanced, or final stage of disintegration) or in the case of plants and leaves: Usually larva eating the leaf, only leaving the outline; sketch; skeleton.
The remains of what once were a man, was found skeletonized, as a result of infestation by beetles and larva; maggots, and of undergoing several stages of advanced decomposition, of which the final procedure of such, had left the body without flesh, skin or organs.

-Larva had skeletonized half of the vinyard, severely reducing profits.
by blammord June 12, 2006
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A word used to describe someone who is unbelievably and completely drunk.
Person 1: *Is visibly hammered*
Person 2: Dude, how fucking skeletonized are you?
by cinnamonger March 17, 2019
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