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1. The internal structure of a living being so as designed to offer support to inner and/or outer tissues and organs.

2. A secret, typically associated with something being evil or not socially acceptable. Most often used in the phrase "A skeleton in the closet".
1. The human skeleton contains 206 bones.

2. I confessed to killing someone a long time ago and was happy to have that skeleton off my chest.
by Chickens Wife June 13, 2004

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A person who is considered to be of below average intelligence who does things to follow the majority. Typically thought of as being unable to think or make decisions for themself, they resort to doing things because someone told them to.
"Mike is such a piss ant. He only likes that because mommy and daddy do."
by Chickens Wife June 13, 2004

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1. To be prepared to provide a good or service immediatly.

2. A prostitute or person who is ready and willing at a moments notice to go to a location and perform sexual acts, either for free or a fee, and is usually highly desired for their services.

3. A cable- provided form of watching television by which previously aired programs (usually not worth watching) are accessed by a user via their Digital Cable box to be viewed (either for free or for a small fee) for a period of 24 hours. The user can control the program as if it were on DVD or VHS.
1. "Sally was on demand for when bob wanted his beer."

2. "That hooker is on demand tonight, she's got 4 high paying johns lined up."

3. "The cable company launched its OnDemand service last week for its digital users, but no one uses it because it's not up to par yet."
by Chickens Wife June 13, 2004

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A person who must complain about anything and everything to any and everyone because they truly believe they are the exact center of the Universe.
1. "Fuckin shit, she's bitching about her boyfriend again, she's such a whiney cunt!"

2. "Everyone who demands a deletion of definitions on Urban Dictionary given the excuse that it offends them because they are (cat lovers, italians, homosexual, americans, black, honda drivers, nazis, cs players, children, christians, assholes, french, perverted, liberal, blonde, etc..) are all whiney cunts and need to shut the fuck up!"

3. "All 12-15 year old teeny boppers who complain about how much their life sucks are whiney cunts."
by Chickens Wife June 13, 2004

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A process by which persons who know very little or nothing about a problem at hand get together and work on solving said problem. Typically the end result is poor, and bad consequences abound.

To describe an answer to a problem that is poorly thought out or won't work.
1. The company's managers had a group think session that lasted 6 hours and yielded one bad solution to our budget problem.

2. You want me to do what? Typical group think answer.
by Chickens Wife June 13, 2004

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A phrase. It's typically used by a person with few or no problems against someone who has told a woeful story about a major problem or terrible event that has recently occured to them that will not be put behind them anytime soon.
Mike: "My life is in the shitter... My wife left me, my dog was hit by a car and killed, I've lost my job, I found out I have cancer, and I need another beer!"

John: "Damn Mike! Sucks to be you!"
by Chickens Wife June 13, 2004

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acronym: HIP.
Horny Indian Programmer, or HIP is a term used to describe any Middle Eastern male with a computer who sends random Private Messages to women in a real-time text chat such as Yahoo. Generally, they are seeking to obtain Green Cards through gullible women. They are usually horrid spellers, although many are doing it on purpose and can probably spell quite well.
I just got a PM from a HIP named Muhammed_Pushadi20002004 asking "U wat 2 b my wife, u come 2 india?"I iggied his damn ass.
by Chickens Wife June 13, 2004

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