A person who skates because that's what they love to do. A skater is:
1) A friendly person
2) Relatively well educated
3) Someone who skates because they enjoy it
4) Someone who finds it hard to get a girlfriend :-)
5)Someone who is individual and does their own thing

A skater is not:
1) A druggie
2) Someone who holds a board to look 'cool'
3) Someone who has a certain style of clothing/music/interests because they feel they must
5) Threatening
6) Violent
7) Abusive
8) Follows a stereotype
Person: Damn skaters, haven't they anything better to do than tearing up our roads and pavements?
Skater: It's better than hanging around street corners, graffiting walls, taking drugs and yelling abuse at people
Chav: Oi! Whatchoo implyin'
Skater: That you are the scum of the earth that I described
by pengy December 08, 2004
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"skater" or "skateboarder"

A person who is foot mounted on a board of some type with zero-four wheels. Usually without any motor. (Manually propelled vehicle.) Skateboarders usually do not have a single fashion, and their clothing style is borrowed from other sub-cultures. (i.e. Punk-Skaters, Prep-Skaters, Homie-Skaters, etc.) Skateboarding has been derived from the "surfer", "stoner," "metal-head" and "punk" sub-cultures. (Actually, Skateboarding was born through the surfing sub-culture. When the surfers couldn't surf, they created the first skateboards which consisted of a couple 2x4's nailed together, a milk crate and some clay wheels. Later the milk crate was removed, the 2x4's were replaced by maple wood glued together in "plys" and the wheels were improved. The original term for skateboarding was "sidewalk surfing.") Sadly some ignorant people still affiliate skaters with stoners. (This is mostly because skateboarding is viewed as a counter-culture by Society.) Skaters are typically athletic and usually do not use drugs.
The term is actually difficult to define due to the fact of the large diversity in the sub-culture. Basically anybody who uses any type of skateboard for any reason. (yes posers exist, but they exist for every sub-culture, I'm sure that there are "Thug" posers also.) Skateboarders do not listen to one specific type of music. No strict fashion exists except for the people who try to look dedicated/sponsered, or are actually sponsered by wearing name-brand skateboarding clothing (such as a company's t-shirt, hat, or shoes.) Any person can be a skater: african, asian, european, mexican, female, male, elderly, youngsters, poor, rich, etc.

Skateboarders are people who participate in a sport/art, not a fashion trend.
To find some skaters: grab a skateboarding magazine, or a skateboarding movie, or hell, even go to your local skatepark or skateshop. You will quickly gather how diverse this sub-culture is, and hopefully create your own opionion/definition of them.
by Steven Hanaway June 26, 2006
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someone who skateboards. they skate cos they like it and not to look cool or earn credit. those are the so called posers. most skaters have their own style, all though they may sometimes be seperated into groups, like hip hop, punk, or goth, hippies etc. skaters dedicate their life to skateboarding and they find life as a way of having fun.

i skate cos i used to be an emo, which i dont wanna be. now that i skate i feel that i have started a new life. i dont care for girls, love or romance, or some other shit which makes u sad all the time. i now find that in life i want to entertain myself instaed of ruining it.
by kenneththecoolguywithahat July 13, 2006
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A person who enjoys just skating for a living and doesnt try to be anything that their not. People who understand what skaters do and why they do it usually i get along with. I'd rather be kickfliping a 10 stair rather than smoking pot or any shit like that. People think that skaters dress a certain way, well they dont skaters dress how the want to, whether it be baggy jeans or tight jeans, even though its easier to do tricks in loose jeans. Skaters have different personalities some (like me) dont respect the signs that say no skateboarding, others respect them so they dont get in trouble with the popos. You cant really classify skateboarders its just a way of life, a skateboarders culture is different than ANYbody else. When people say that all skaters ever do is call people posers cause their just starting it not really true. not a lot of skaters do that cause at one point in time they were just starting too.
Cop: The sign says no skateboarding...can you skater punks not read?
Skater: yeah we can read we just dont care.
Cop: well skater punk how would you like to go to jail for being a smartass?

that was a real conversation that me and my brother had with a cop.
by TruSkaterChick4life May 28, 2006
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A skater is an individual participant of skateboarding culture who has attained a certain level of "street-cred" through the act of skateboarding. This is normally achieved through learning and expressing many basic tricks such as, but no limited to: The ollie and its many variations, dropping in, the kickflip/heelflip, the pop-shove-it, the Frontside 180 ollie and/or the backside boardslide. A person becomes a skateboarder when other skateboarders of similar or higher level of ability recognize him/her as so. The skater normally has experienced the challenges of authority presented to his craft by being kicked out of "skate spots." Security guards, mall cops, police officers, and private business owners commonly instigate kicking out a skateboarder and talking unnecessary sh*t to them, and/or criticizing their lifestyle. In general, skaters are commonly looked upon as trouble makers or non-contributing members of society. Rarely ever do true skaters bother anyone or instigate fights. for the most part the skater just wants to mind his/her own business and perform their tricks. Sometimes a skater will 'vandalize' public or private property to "wax" a ledge or curb, thus making it skateable.
Skaters can be any member of society but are most commonly males from the ages of 12-24. A skater was once able to be easily identified by his or her shoes, but due to the recent poseurdom on skateboard fashion this is harder to do. (Unless the skater has noticeable toe rips or gashes in his shoes from skateboarding.)
A skater is not to be confused with a poseur, which is someone who wears skateboarding clothes and tells grandiose tales of how he backside flipped a thirty set. A skater is also not to be confused with a kook, who is someone who sucks at skateboarding and has not yet risen to the level worthy of being called a skater.
Cop: "I'm going to need to see some I.D. son, hand over your skateboard."
Skater: "Why, what did I do?"
Skater: It's called an ollie, and how does jumping on concrete fuck it up?"
Cop: That's it smart ass. PUT YOUR HANDS BEHIND YOUR BACK! NOW!!
by DTA 187 24/7 April 05, 2009
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A skater is a human being who enjoys riding a skateboard because it is fun. a lot of skaters could be classified as 'punks' but this is just a stereotype. true, some skaters so wear tight jeans and a pair of emericas, but a lot of them just dress 'normally'.

there are vert skaters and street skaters. vert skaters skate in halfpipes. street skaters skate stairs and ledges and such. street is currently more popular than vert, mainly because it is easier to do. not to say that it requires less skill; I mean that street requires no ramp, therefore it can be done in more places that vert.

skateboarders are often said to be druggies, but this is simply not true... True skateboarders have no use for drugs. It's all about landing those tricks! landing a trick is the ultimate high.

I could say a lot more but i don't have a lot of time to write so I'll end it hear.

skateboarding is not a fad, it's a way of life.

while i may not skateboard every day, i do it for the right reasons... not to get freinds or to cash in on the rise in popularity that skateboarding has suddenly taken.
by wolf15668 August 30, 2013
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A person who skateboards or a person who wears loose or slim fit jeans, hats, hoodies, high quality t-shirts and skater shoes like Emerica or vans. Even though people dress like skaters doesn't mean they actually skate.
Jarret:"Jim do you skate?"

Jim:"No, I just dress like the skaters."
by $-$ AUDI $-$ February 16, 2008
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