The one trick every douchebag who dosn't skate wants to see you do. No matter how hard you try to do better tricks those douchebags will continue to ask for you to do a kickflip.
Hey man I know i just saw u 360 flip that stair case... but can you do a kickflip?
by Wade RCSD July 11, 2008
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In skateboarding, a trick that involves jumping while kicking the skateboard in one simultaneous motion. the skateboard will then rotate on its longitudinal axis 360 degrees untill it's rotation is stopped or "caught" by the skateboarder who then lands the trick as gravity brings it all back down.
I kicked my skateboard, and it flipped around... It sure was a gnarly kickflip
by Spicy McHaggiss July 11, 2008
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A kickflip is a skateboarding trick. When a kickflip is performed, the skateboard rotates 360 degrees on the boards axis. Kickflips are one of the most frustrating tricks to learn, as a skateboarder often learns the trick after all the beginner stuff ( eg. ollie and pop shove it ). I would say kickflips are one of the most common tricks in skateboarding, as everyone who doesn't skate is wanting to see an example. Kickflips were invented by Rodney Mullen, but he called them "Magic Flips". Kickflips can be combined with other tricks to make more advanced tricks, look below for examples.

Kickflip + Pop Shove It = Varial Kickflip
Kickflip + 360 Pop Shove It = Tre Flip ( 360 Flip )
Kickflip + FS Shove It = Hardflip
Kickflip + 360 FS Shove It = 360 Hardflip
Kickflip + Body Variation + FS Pop Shove It = FS Flip.
Oh my God, That was the sickest Kickflip I have ever seen In my whole entire life !
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A trick that almost every skater knows, but is really fucking hard to learn.
Skater Friend: Hey man, just keep trying to land it.

Skater: I've been trying to kickflip for hours! I still can't do it, and it's been like, 2 years!
by crazyasscrazyman November 21, 2009
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When you are doing sexual intercourse with your wife and then you roll on the floor (on accident) and then blood splashes out everywhere and the wife says "Dunno if that was my broken back or my early period.."
I did a kickflip with my wife yesterday. Im sure it was her early period
by jojokesaremymedicene February 3, 2020
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When you are doing sexual intercourse with your wife and then you roll on the ground and blood splashes everywhere but you just roll with it.
I was having sex with my girl and while the intercourse was happening, we did a Kickflip during the process
by jojokesaremymedicene February 3, 2020
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a kickflip is a flip trick performed by skaters, its also the trick that eveyone who isnt a skater wants to see you do

to do a kickflip you have to pop the tail and slide your front foot of the side of the board and let it flip until you see the grip tape, then catch it, land and ride away
yeaaa, i just kickflipped that 9 set

a kickflip is easy

"yo do a kickflip!"--"i just hard flipped the 7 set"--i dont care, i want to see you kickflip"

by minisk8erdude October 6, 2008
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