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The process of making an artible of clothing more fitting a skank.
She cut four inches off the bottom of her skirt to totally skankify it.
by AngieMarie May 02, 2007
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to get dressed up to go out, often in clothes a skank might wear. after this process, one should consider themselves skankified
Girl: Oh no, I've got only 30 min. to skankify before we leave!
by Kera July 29, 2004
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A chick dressing up with smokey eye makeup, looking really hot and having the confidence to take on the world. She is irresistible and loves teasing the boys. Usually a girl skankifies when she wants to feel sexy and when she goes out with her girl friends to spite anyone (like an ex) without actually looking skanky.
Tonight we are going to get ready and skankify and get as many guys as we can.
by L!z June 22, 2005
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The process of degrading, lowering, or otherwise cheapening yourself into a skank, regardless of motive.

Applies to females only.
I've never known whether the Kardashians skankified themselves because they are genuinely ghetto, or they are simply following their mother's orders for ratings purposes.

Drag queens sometimes skankify themselves for laughs.

Cathy should not skankify on weekends anymore. She's turning into a full time ho. And she only dates thugs!
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by Noam Chomskey June 20, 2017
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