When a group of six people have oral in a hexagonal position. About as rare as a unicorn.
Jack- Is there such thing as a six-way?
Jane- I don't know.. maybe like a hexagon?
by Mooredina December 07, 2011
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The act of six people simultaneously evacuating their bowels onto each other.
My friends wanted to order some food for dinner. We ended up settling for the old Six Way Chili. The whole place smelled like shit.
by AN0SEater December 22, 2020
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To want something very badly. Generally used in conjunction with the phrase "I want it in a BAD way". The sexual connotation exhibited by the phrase is used as a means of exaggerating one's desire for something, though it is generally only used with trivial inclinations.
Bro #1 (at dinner table)- I'm starving, man. I want those ribs in a BAD way.

Bro #2- What kind of way?
Bro #1- I want them six ways on a Sunday.
Bro #2- Woah dude
by LemonZest June 19, 2016
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1. Absolutely Shitfaced
2.A situation in which there is no way to get out of it. You Can't Lie, bargain, cry, plead, beg, or joke your way out of being fucked six ways to sunday
1. He drank to the point of being fucked six ways to sunday.
2. I sent that angry email about the boss, to the boss by mistake. Now I'm fucked six ways to sunday.
by MrFallout May 20, 2016
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Use this phrase to describe something you did or would like to do a good amount of times. This phrase says "six ways" which represent the six days after Sunday in a week (Monday - Saturday). It can have a positive or negative cannotation depending on the manner in which you use it.
I'd bang that girl six ways from sunday she is vaginamite
by G69 May 11, 2005
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Used when there's a lot of possible ways to do something or no ways at all. Can be used in a positive or negative context.
Ex 1) "Oh God, my book project and my homework's due today. Looks like I'm fucked six ways from Sunday."
Ex 2) "You see that bitch right there? I'd fuck her six ways from Sunday."
by drive me to drink December 11, 2015
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